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Welcome To Edenfaire Corgis!

My name is Pat Barton and I live in Florida with 6 Pembroke Welsh Corgis, 4 Cardigan Welsh Corgis and 1 very understanding Husband.

I am involved in showing and breeding quality Pembroke Welsh Corgis. I am a small hobby breeder and average 1or 2 litters per year. I am in contact with other breeders throughout the year, so if you are looking for a Corgi, I may be able to help you find one.  Between litters I show my dogs and research pedigrees to locate the perfect male to "court" my girls.

I started showing Pembroke Welsh Corgis in 1999 and Cardigan Welsh Corgis in 2006. I am a member of the Palmetto Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac, the Welsh Corgi League, and the Carolina Kennel Club.

I am on the ShowPem, ShowCardi, Corgi-L and other corgis lists.



Zoe's first show weekend & first point

Ch. Foxlor Schaferhaus Sammy Sosa This great dog was the sire of my first Pembroke litter and is in the pedigree of all my Pembroke Welsh Corgis